Attendance and Punctuality 

At Ryelands, we believe that all children deserve to learn, make friends and be happy in school. Regular attendance at school is essential for this.

Whilst we understand that there may be occasions when a child is ill, a good attendance record is vital because even short periods of absence can mean that a child’s ability to keep up with school work may be significantly impacted.  Friendship groups can also be affected by time away from school and this can be upsetting for children.

Our attendance target for the whole school is 96%.


In all of our classes, learning starts the moment the children walk through the door!

Our morning routines are calm and productive, and children start independent work straight away. This means that getting to school on time is really important- even if children are a few minutes late they could miss out on spellings, morning maths or writing challenges. Being just 10 minutes late every day is the equivalent of missing approximately 6 days of school!

If your child has been late on more than one occasion, we may contact you to find out if any support is needed to make sure you child does not miss any more learning time.


As per our attendance policy, we are unable to authorise holiday in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. All requests for holidays must be made in writing using the correct form (available in the office) at least 2 weeks in advance.

All holidays over 5 days taken without permission will result in a fine. The fine currently stands at £120 per parent, per child. Although this can be reduced if paid off  early, this still mounts up.

When looking at booking holidays, please ensure that you check prices in the school holidays. Our term dates are often different to other schools, which means that they are often less expensive.