Welcome to 3R.

We have a lively and creative class, where you will find Ms. Rice, Mrs. Proctor and Miss Woodrow.  On some days you will also see  Mr. Sorrell, who teaches PE and Computing.
PE is on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure you have your full PE kit, labelled with your name, on those days.

We love to read in 3R! We encourage the children to read every night. They agree that reading helps them to learn and is fun! We have a reading challenge and the children love to see themselves climbing the reading rainbow every week.

Welcome to Year 3.

In Autumn 1 term our theme was

The Stone Age to Iron Age.

We have been archaeologists, digging for clues about life in the past. We have found antlers, bone tools and flint spearheads. We also found coprolites, which are fossilized poo. We found out that stone age people ate fish, meat, berries, seeds, nuts and eggs.

Keep checking Google Classroom for pictures of our learning…

Welcome to 3R

In Autumn 2 our topic was Where Do We Live? We used our Geography skills of mapping to find out about Lancaster, Morecambe and the counties of England. We found out that Ms. Rice is from Lincolnshire and Mrs. Procter is from County Durham.

In Science we learnt about sources of light and how shadows are made. We used a shadow play to tell the Christmas Story in RE.


Welcome back to 2024 and Happy New Year.

In Spring 1, our topic is

May the Force Be With You!

We have been asked to explore and develop a new range of toys for P and L Toy Company.

We are learning how things move with different forces: contact and non-contact forces. We are designing and making toys with levers and pivots and  exploring how magnets work.