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Judge’s Lodgings trip

What a fantastic trip we had today. After a nice, dry walk we arrived to be greeted by the great group leaders.

We split into 2 groups as we had two different sessions: one as a maid/boot boy, learning how to work at the lodgings

and one to see what the living was like.

The children did a great job polishing cutlery, setting the tables and proving themselves for the job!

It was great to be in role and follow the lives of the past.

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Explorer day!

As part of History week and our topic Born Survivors, we had a wonderful day of exploring in Year 2. Despite the soggy walk to the woods,

we made binoculars and hats and had lots of fun.

Here are some photos of the day before the rain came. We also explored on our school grounds, looking at interesting

leaves, shapes and colours.