EYFS Results 2023

We are so pleased with our children’s achievements in the early years. The progress that the children have made is superb and children who start their school life in our nursery make particularly good progress throughout their early years. This year, the percentage of children achieving a ‘Good Level Development’ was above the National and Lancashire Average!

Good Level of DevelopmentSchoolLancashireNational
Good Level of Development 202259%62%65%
Good Level of Development 202367%65%67%

Year 1 Phonics Results 2023

In 2023 as a school we maintained our high percentage of children passing the phonics screening test. This is due to the highly effective daily phonics sessions, taught in small targeted groups. Children are really enjoying phonics at Ryelands School!

Year 1 PhonicsSchoolLancashireNational
Year 1 Phonics 201980%81%82%
Year 1 Phonics 202266%74%75%
Year 1 Phonics 202378%77%79%

KS1 Results 2023

We are pleased to report that overall 2023 results in Year 2 have continued to be line with previous years and are close to national averages.

Key Stage One Results 2023ReadingWritingMathematics
% of children reaching ’Expected’ + 201969%65%71%
% of children reaching ’Expected’ + 202263%56%61%
% of children reaching ’Expected’ + 202360%60%64%

KS2 Results 2023

We are delighted to report that overall 2023 results in Year 6:

Key Stage Two Results 2023ReadingWritingMathematics
2023 Test Results % achieving expected standard or above65%79%83%
2023 % achieving a ‘higher level of attainment’15%10%17%
2023 combined Reading, Writing and MathematicsRWM: 52%GDS: 4%

KS2 Progress Measures

2023 Progress Measures indicate that in Writing and Mathematics the average progress children made is above the national averages. Progress in reading is strong.  Year on year, children make good progress at Ryelands. These scores show how much progress pupils at this school made in reading, writing and maths between the end of key stage 1 and the end of key stage 2, compared to pupils across England who got similar results at the end of key stage 1.

Key Stage Two Results 2023 ProgressReadingWritingMathematics
2023 Progress Score+1.20+3.00+2.20