At Ryelands Primary School, in order for our pupils to become successful and aspirational in this technologically advanced world, we provide a robust and challenging English curriculum; developing our pupils to become curious, creative and independent communicators who are skilled in both formal and informal contexts.

As a school, we use our expertise to have a strong focus on mastering basic skills in phonics, spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting. Using a robust progression of skills approach, developed from the National Curriculum, all aspects of our English curriculum are rigorously planned for to ensure all pupils make accelerated progress despite any barrier. We follow the Red Rose Phonics scheme from Nursery and throughout key stage 1.

Across English and the wider curriculum, we provide a plethora of opportunities for our pupils to acquire and develop their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills:

  • a wide range of high quality texts;
  • visits and visitors;
  • experiential learning activities
  • and the use of ICT to enhance learning

The arts are often used as a driver to contextualise oracy in many units of work.

Our written outcomes in both English and the wider curriculum have clear audiences and purposes and these are often published and celebrated internally as well as to the wider community via the use of technology.

Ryelands Primary School encourages the development of lifelong readers who are inspired to learn about the world beyond their normality and who have the stamina, skill and motivation to independently choose to read for pleasure.

How is the English curriculum organised?