Welcome to 2HP

Welcome to our class page!

Working in 2HP this year are Mrs Hughes, Mrs Austin-Peregrine and Mrs Cauchi.  We are really enjoying working with the children and are so excited about the year ahead!

This year the teaching will be shared. Monday morning and all day Tuesday and Wednesday Mrs Hughes will be teaching and on Monday afternoon and all day on Thursday and Friday Mrs Austin-Peregrine will be teaching.


PE will be on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and the children will need their PE kit to be in school everyday please. Please make sure your child also has a coloured t-shirt, according to their house team colour and warmer clothes, eg. tracksuit for going outside.


Please listen to your child read every night and record this in their reading record.  Similar to last year, the reading books will be changed a couple of times a week, once it is finished. If your child’s book isn’t changed, please encourage them to re-read the book again to develop their confidence, fluency and comprehension skills.  It would really help us if you could write down when the book is finished too so we know when to change it.  A new reading challenge will be introduced to the children soon, called Read for a Bead – this is to help encourage the children to read regularly at home.

Please make sure your children come to school with their book bag and reading record/book each day so we can listen to them read in school too.

If you would like to ask any questions or see any of us, then please do not hesitate to make an appointment after school.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Hughes and Mrs Austin-Peregrine

Autumn 1

Are you a Born Survivor?

During this half term in Year 2 we will be  learning all about famous explorers past and present. The children will pretend to be Robert Falcon Scott in the Antarctic, learn songs about Neil Armstrong and visit the local woods to explore just like an explorer.  They will learn about Christopher Columbus and Ellen McCarthy, test the strength of their own ships and even race them too.  We will have the chance to make some vehicles suitable for exploring, as well as finding out how to survive in certain countries and environments.