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Working in 2AM this year are Mrs Murphy, Mrs Austin-Peregrine and Mrs Cauchi!  We are really enjoying working with the children and are so excited about the year ahead!

This year the teaching will be shared. Monday morning and all day Tuesday and Wednesday Mrs Murphy will be teaching and on Monday afternoon and all day on Thursday and Friday Mrs Austin-Peregrine will be teaching.

PE will be on Wednesday and Friday afternoons and the children will all need their PE kit to be in school everyday please. Please make sure your child also has a coloured t-shirt.


Please can you try and listen to your child read every night and record this in their reading record.  As like last year, the reading books will be changed once the children have read all of their book.  It would really help us if you could write down when the book is finished too so we know to change it.  Everyone in Key Stage 1 will take part in our 100 Reading Book Challenge!  Every time your child reads, they get a square coloured in, in their reading record and they can get a reward for reaching different amounts.  Last year some children even got onto to our 200 Reading Challenge!

If you would like to ask any questions or see any of us, then please do not hesitate to make an appointment after school.


Thank you for your support,

Mrs Murphy and Mrs Austin-Peregrine.

Spring 1 – Happily Ever After?

We have all heard of Little Red Riding Hood or Jack and the Beanstalk, but have you heard of the Three Bad Wolves, Prince Cinders and Goldi? Did you hear about the true story of the three little pigs? This half term we will be reading a variety of traditional tales with a twist, hearing alternative endings and different plots. Can you guess why we have a pair of trousers in our classroom?

Autumn 2 – Lessons in Life:

This half term we will be learning about the basic needs of humans and animals, right through from babies to adults. Exploring how to stay healthy, eating a balanced diet and exercising to make our bodies and minds feel better. We will also discuss how our bodies change as we grow, our body parts and how we can look after our mental and physical health. Did you know that sleep is one of the most important things our bodies need, it helps us to grow, heal when we are ill and also to give us energy for the following day?

Autumn 1

During this half term in Year 2 we have been doing a history topic and have been learning all about famous explorers past and present. The children have thoroughly enjoyed role playing as Robert Falcon Scott in the Antarctic, Learnt songs about Neil Armstrong and experimented with instruments to make the sounds of an astronauts day. One very wet Monday the children even did some exploring themselves of their local woodland listening for sounds, looking for Lancaster’s landmarks and discovering the types of tree that are growing in the woods. They then made their own ships like Christopher Columbus and Ellen McCarthy and tested the strength of the ships and had fun racing them.  To top off their learning the children have also made some fantastic vehicles at home to show how explorers travel on their journeys.

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From Ghana With Love

To kick of our half terms work on Ghana the children have been using their sense to induldge in what they might see, hear, taste and smell if they visited Ghana. They used their senses to generate adjectives which they are going to use to write some Ghana inspired poetry. Keep checking to have a rea…

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The fourth little piglet…

These children have taken on the homework challenge to design the fourth little pigs house. They have put in so much imagination and effort. Well done children and families that helped out too!

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We are Gym Stars!

The children had the very exciting opportunity to spend a couple of weeks completing the Gym Stars programme. They had lots of fun  using their fundamental skills and also tried out some exercise machines. They even learnt about the parts of their body they were using on each!

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Check out the fantastic explorer vehicles the children have made for their homework!

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