1G’s Class Page

The adults working in this classroom are Mrs Grist, Miss Bell and Mrs Wilson on Tuesdays

We are always very happy to speak to you if have any questions or concerns about your child. Miss Bell will be on the door in the mornings and Mrs Grist will be on the door in the evenings.

PE Days.

PE is on a Tuesday this year. Please have your full kit ( coloured teams top, shorts and pumps) in school each week. We will send them home each half term to be cleaned. Earrings are incredibly dangerous for PE. Please remove all earrings for that day if possible to avoid any incidents.


We love reading in 1G! We encourage the children to read every night at home. When they have finished their book, we recommend that you ask them questions about the book. We will change books every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In Key Stage 1, we have a 100 book challenge. Each time your child reads at home, sign their learning record and we will fill in a square on the challenge sheet. Your child will receive prizes the more they read!

Latest from 1G

This half term we are investigating animals! We will be looking at the differences between animals, how some of their bodies and behaviours are the same and how animals adapt to live in different habitats. We will be taking local trips to the park to investigate animals in their natural habitats as well as watching clips from around the world of more exotic animals.

In art we will be investigating printing, specifically repeating patterns. You could help your child at home by cutting up fruit and vegetables and creating repeating patterns. Create patterns using leaves or autumnal treasures you find on your way to school and finding patterns in everyday life such as wallpapers, shop signs etc.

In Maths we will be focusing on comparing numbers using the < (less than), > (more than) and = (equal to) symbols. We will be doing this in small steps using lots of practical activities. If you would like to help out with this at home please encourage your child to create amounts, this could be done practically with toys, food etc. Have a look together at the two piles and ask your child, ‘which has more?’, ‘which has less?’ and ‘ how do you know?’ Your child will be learning the names of the symbols using the ‘crocodile mouth method’, remember the crocodile always eats the biggest amount.

Last half term we had so much fun! We made our own butter for the Teddy Bear Picnic, we created a musical masterpiece with things you could find in the rubbish, we went bird watching, we investigated numbers, we had a special visit from Morecambe Football club, investigated which material would be the best to make a coat for our teddy Bunting and so much more, see below for some fabulous photos!