Within RE we aim to give your child the opportunity to learn through play. To facilitate this, we have a well-resourced classroom and an inviting outdoor space where we aim to make your child’s first year in school a fun and exciting experience!

 In RE we plan ‘In the Moment.’ This means we identify the children’s current interests and use these to plan from day to day, moment to moment. We aim to respond spontaneously, choosing the right moment and strategies to support your child’s well-being and learning.

Please feel free to speak to us about any worries or concerns. Do not hesitate to come and chat, we are always happy to help!

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Thank you for your support

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Get Creative

Start a special project Get creative by starting with something your child is interested in, for example- dinosaurs, princesses, superheroes, animals, technology etc. Use Pinterest or google images to search for art and craft ideas… try typing in, ‘dinosaurs art and craft EYFS’ or… ‘dinosaurs ar…

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Get active!

Lets get active! Please take pictures and short videos of your child enjoying exercise and upload them on to Evidence Me!  Jo Wicks is back…  The sessions called PE with Joe are streamed live on Wicks’ YouTube channel at 9am three days a week. They will be 20-minutes long and would be a great star…

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Story time!

This week’s reading challenge All about my favourite book… Get your child to choose their favourite story (a physical book or online story). Read the story to your child and ask them simple who, what, when, where and why questions Wednesday- Ask your child to recall the main parts of the story, tell…

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Daily name writing 🙂

Write your name every day! The children have been making great progress with name writing. We practise writing our names everyday after lunch so it would be great if you could keep this up at home. I have attached a photo with a few ideas to try. Help your child by teaching them how to hold their pe…

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This week’s Phonics

Letters and Sounds  Please upload photos or videos of your child practising phonics on Evidence Me! Please continue to practise reading all of the words in your child’s reading games folder daily. You could also practise learning and singing the Jolly Phonics songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz…

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This Week’s Maths

On Evidence Me, you will see a picture of your child’s personal next steps. This will tell you exactly where they are up to with their learning in Maths and you can work towards achieving these targets from home. Additionally, below are a few simple activities that you can do for Maths this week. Pl…

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