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Miss Garlick, Mrs. Pullen, Mr. Hyde, Mrs. Roy and Mrs. Barlow.

Key info:

Daily Reader Expectation

In Year 5, there is an expectation that all children read every night.

We would like children to bring their Reading Records to school with the date, the pages which they read, and any comments on what they read. The Reading Records should be returned to school each morning, where they are checked each morning.

Weekly homework (due every Friday)

Every week, children will be given a homework task that they can either complete at home or at school during Independent Time.

Half-termly Homework

Each half term, we study a new exciting History, Geography or Science topic! With each new topic comes an opportunity for creative and fun learning to take place at home as we send home 9 ideas for homework projects to be completed in collaboration with others. We encourage our pupils to complete one of the 9 ideas (although the more, the merrier). We absolutely love seeing the weird and wonderful things which Year 5 pupils make and bring in to school each year.

Physical Education

  • P.E. is every Wednesday.

KIT: trainers, trackie bottoms/ leggings, shorts, school House p.e. t-shirt, jumper/hoody

  • Swimming take place every Thursday until the Summer term.

KIT: Swimming costume/ swimming trunks (not shorts), towel and cap (for long hair)

If you have any questions, please catch Miss Garlick (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) or Mrs. Pullen (Weds) in the 5G classroom either after school, or in the morning before 09:00.

Below is our class blog where you can find information about our current learning adventures 😊

Latest from 5G

Spring 1

In the Spring term, 5G are going to be learning all about space! The half termly homework can be found on the parent app and on Google Classroom. It is full of ideas for cooperative learning at home!

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Autumn 2 in Year 5

This half-term we will be studying The Ancient Egyptians. This is a really exciting history topic that we are sure your child will enjoy. The Homework sheet has been sent out. Thank you so much to those of you who handed in some excellent Science Homework in Autumn Term 1.

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Topic Homework- Science

Topic Homework- Science Please find below some suggested homework activities for Year 5 pupils to enjoy getting stuck into as we study our science topic ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’. The ‘peri-ometer’ suggests how difficult, or easy each idea is. These projects are great when enjoyed as a f…

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