4G Class Page

Hello and Welcome to Year 4!

Mr Grist, Mrs Hindle & Mrs Stokes are here to help you with anything you may need.

In Year 4, the expectation is that children read every night. The children who read every night will receive a bead on a Friday. The children will then be able to take their beads home at the end of the term.  Every half term we read to earn our reading reward – so far we have had a ‘bring a toy’ day and a film afternoon (with hot chocolates!)

Our P.E days are Mondays and Wednesday. We will be outdoors as much as possible, so please send warmer clothes and sensible shoes. We will be taking the children swimming for the summer term in Year 4 on a Thursday morning.

Homework will be set half termly and can be found on Google Classroom. If you are experiencing difficulty when helping your child with their homework, please come and see us and we can work through the problem together! We also expect the children to regularly rehearse their times tables up to 12×12 and some ideas to support this can also be found on Google Classroom.

This HALF TERM – we are learning about States of Matter – different states that thing exist in (think water, ice and steam – freeze, melt and eveporate)

This will give us lots of opportunities to take part in some exciting experiments.

In Geography, we will be exploring our close neighbours to the South – FRANCE!

If you have any artefacts or souvenirs from any visits to France then please feel free to send them in.



In the second part of our Spring Term, we will be focusing on electricity in Year 4. 

In English, we will be creating our own inventions (for those of you who have YouTube, either watch Joseph’s Machines or Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions for an idea of what we will be making) and writing instructional texts informing people on how they should be used.

We will learn all about electricity – how it is used in our homes and what appliances are powered by it, as well as creating our own circuits for the very first time. Will we all become electricians in our future – this is the half term where we find out!

We are one of the first Year Groups in the entire country to spend a whole half term learning about AI in our newly created ‘Ryeland’s AI lab – run by some fabulous gentleman from Lancaster University. It has already proven to be some of the most exciting learning that we have ever been a part of!  We are also planning a visit to Morecambe Bay Academy to take part in some learning linked to our Science.