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Hello and Welcome to Year 4!

Mrs Sanders, Mrs Hardie & Mrs Stokes are here to help you with anything you may need.

In Year 4, the expectation is that children read every night. The children who read every night will receive a bead on a Friday. The children will then be able to take their beads home at the end of the term.  4S and 4R will be competing to see which class can achieve the most readers each week and the winning class will receive a special treat at the end of the term.

Our P.E days are Mondays and Thursday. We will be outdoors as much as possible, so please send warmer clothes and sensible shoes. We will be taking the children swimming for the summer term in Year 4 on a Thursday morning.  Please make sure they bring their swimming kit every Thursday.

Homework will be set half termly and can be found on Google Classroom. If you are experiencing difficulty when helping your child with their homework, please come and see us and we can work through the problem together! We also expect the children to regularly rehearse their times tables up to 12×12 and some ideas to support this can also be found on Google Classroom.

 Autumn 1 – Anglo Saxons

In our first half term in Year 4, we learn about the Anglo Saxons; discovering where they came from, what they ate, the jobs the had in their villages and how Lancaster has changed since the Anglo Saxons settled here. 

In English, we read Beowulf and other traditional folk tales and wrote our own stories based on Anglo Saxon folklore. We learnt about the fascinating discovery at Sutton Hoo and incorporated this information into a non-chronological report. Finally, we imagined what it would be like to journey from Denmark over to Morecambe Bay and wrote a diary as if we were Anglo Saxon children.

We enjoyed some fantastic trips to extend our learning, including a trip to The Maritime Museum, where we met Eric and his wife Linden.  They showed us what life was like for Anglo Saxons and Vikings living here in the past.  We also went to Morecambe Bay Academy to learn how to make Anglo Saxon helmets using clay.

Autumn 2 -France

In Autumn 2, our topic is France!  We have been learning all about the town of Pontault-Combault, where we have some pen pals that we will be writing to and meeting via Zoom over the course of the year.  

On Monday 22nd November, the children met their pen pals in France via Zoom.  The children all did an excellent job of introducing themselves in French and telling their partner a little bit about themselves.  We can’t wait to see them again soon!

As well as tasting some different foods from France, the children have been testing out their cooking skills by creating our own versions of a quiche Lorraine.  They learnt how to blind bake the pastry and showed some fantastic skills in cracking eggs with no shells in the bowl.

We also had a DT skills week in December.  Y4 were given the challenge of creating a waterproof shelter for the presents in the North Pole because the ice was melting due to climate change.  The children worked really hard on their measuring, sawing and gluing skills, using triangles to strengthen the corners of their structures.

Spring 1 – Electricity

This term, our topic is Electricity. We learnt how to make electrical circuits using lamps, motors and buzzers.  The children explored and investigated the different types of electricity and of course, learnt how to remain safe when working with electricity.  We had a special visit from a local artist who creates digital art and finally, we created our own electronic games.

Our electronic games were a big success.  The children were so creative and resilient when making their games.

Spring 2 – Food Glorious Food!

Our half term learning about digestive systems in humans, food chains in animals and all-round healthy eating started with making poo!  The children were disgusted and fascinated at the same time.  We used different foods and objects to represent the parts of the digestive system.

We learnt about the Eat Well Plate and how a balanced diet helps  to keep us healthy.  We designed, made and then ate a healthy meal, using a balance of different food types.  All of the children tried something new and many children found a new food they liked.

Summer 1 – Vikings

This term, we will be learning all about the Vikings.  We will be going on a trip to Clitheroe Castle Museum linked to our learning and find out all about the downfall of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in Britain in 1066. More information will be available closer to the trip.

Why not have a look at the home learning activities on Google Classroom and have a go at some of the Viking craft activities.

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