We have had a very busy second half of the Autumn term. Firstly the children enjoyed celebrating Hallowe’en at nursery and wearing their Hallowe’en costumes to nursery and doing lots of activities relating to Hallowe’en. Then we followed the children’s interests and learnt two traditional stories off by heart- The 3 little pigs and Red Riding Hood. The children learnt lots of the repeated refrains from both stories and enjoyed watching the staff acting out the plays and then the children enjoyed acting out the plays themselves on the stage. The children learnt lots of vocabulary relating to the stories and synonyms e.g. big bad wolf. The words massive, large, colossal, enormous also mean big. For the last three weeks we have been preparing for Christmas. The children enjoyed decorating nursery and making gifts and cards to take home. Here are a few photos of our children learning this half term.