Weekly Challenge w/c 13th July

Firstly, an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to anyone who has sent in any kind of evidence of your home learning – it’s has been so wonderful to see it all.
For the last Weekly Challenge, I would like you to see an amazing website to keep you reading through the summer.

Using your internet access, you can click on the image above and it will take you to an amazing website which includes games, challenges, puzzles and (most importantly) information on how to find internet access to texts to read to keep you reading all summer long.

A simple google search for

‘free e-books for kids’

will take you to pages like this one from oxford owl, which offers a range of books for nothing (just click on the picture below).

Links such as this one


Also provide you with access to lots of downloadable ebooks for absolutely zero pennies or pounds.

Amazon also provide free ebooks to use on any kindle app (that you can also download for nothing). As you can see from my search, there are thousands available.

If internet access is difficult for you….

Mrs. Kellett will be in school for you tomorrow, and her job will be to collect in any books that you have at home, as well as let you have brand new books to take home for the Summer (and a challenge sheet for you to complete too!)

Weekly Challenge w/c 6th July

This week’s challenge brings us back to the wonderful world of reading.
One that some of us have missed out on for a little while and one that will really help to grow our brains.

The challenge is a relatively simple one – capture images of yourself reading to as many people as possible.

It could be people in your house.
Through a window.
Over Skype/FaceTime/messenger

Get creative!

Rules are simple, just read a full book (or a full chapter depending on the size of your book) to someone else and collect evidence of you doing it.
Prizes will be made available for some of the best next week, and winners will be announced this Friday.

The winner will be the person ( or people ) who send across the most photographic evidence to

[email protected]

There is no limit to the amount of people that you can capture yourself reading to; use your imagination!

Weekly Challenge w/c 29th June

As our last challenge in June, I thought it was important for us to refocus a little and think about things that maybe haven’t had as much attention as they should over the last few weeks.

I’m talking about…Books

They’re always there for us, as a way to escape our normal lives and take us on a magical journey to anywhere in the world (and beyond!)

To start more of a focus over the next couple of challenges, this weeks challenge involves picking a main character that you love! Then you can choose to either…..

  • Become that character – dress up and send us a picture to [email protected]
  • Create a model of that character – out of lego, Duplo, twigs, cardboard….. anything.

(Just as an idea, I love these ones pictured below made out of potatoes!)

  • Write a new adventure for that character (because I miss seeing your writing)
  • Draw your character (possibly even on an adventure)

And finally (and possibly most importantly)

Read that characters’ book

It’s like going visiting them at home and I’m sure that they will have missed you. Enjoy the adventure that you about to embark on with them and I shall see you all next week.

Weekly Challenge w/c 22nd June

Good Morning to all of the amazing people reading up on this week’s challenge.
I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a little think about how much things have changed over the last few weeks, hopefully positively in some cases.
This week we have a…..

5 Day Photo Challenge

Day One – Something you feel like you have done/used every day

Day Two – Something you’ve missed

Day Three – Something that’s helped you through

Day Four – Something that will always remind you of this time

Day Five – A big smile (because they ALWAYS make people feel happier

You can complete one day or all 5, please send your images to

[email protected]

have a lovely and safe week you lovely people.

Weekly Challenge w/c 15th June

Good Morning to each and every wonderful peers on reading this and thank you for sticking with these challenges for so long.
For this week, we are going to have a bit of a throwback to one of our very first challenges.
Several weeks ago I asked to to make a model of your home….. now, after several weeks in it, I’d love you to make a version of…..

your perfect, dream home

You can draw it, make it from lego, junk model it, make it from cake (I LOVE cake) nothing is off limits.
You want a game room? Have one. You want a helicopter? Include one. You want an entire room made of trampolines? That’s fine too!
Remember to send images of your perfect homes to

[email protected]

Have fun and keep safe.

Weekly Challenge w/c 8th June

I’m bubbling with excitement (that’s a funny joke I promise you, but you won’t get why unless you read on) for this week’s learning challenge.
You’ll have to be able to follow instructions and almost act like a wizard or a scientist in order to achieve this one.
Suggested by Miss Finch, this week’s challenge is making


By clicking on the image below, it will take you to a webpage that will provide you with all of the instructions needed, as well as step by step guidance

(I had to google glycerin because I didn’t know what it was, but it seems relatively cheap and easy to pick up)

I think we should have a prize for the biggest bubble we are sent, so send your giant bubble proof to

[email protected]

and we will announce some winners next week.

Click on this image for the instructions, good luck and stay safe.

Weekly Challenge w/c 1st June

Good morning to all of you wonderful children, I hope that you have been enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather and welcome to a brand new month!

This weeks challenge has been inspired by the recent SpaceX launch, so obviously your challenge this week is to…


It must be a full sized rocket capable of breaking earth’s upper atmosphere, carrying at least 3 adults passengers…….

Too difficult? Okay then.
Your rocket can be made out of anything you like, lego, cardboard, plastic bottles or cake (cake will ALWAYS be an option!)

By clicking on the image below I have included a link to a rocket that you can actually fire that doesn’t require an air pressure launcher, just vinegar and bicarbonate.

Remember to send your photos and even videos to

[email protected]

Have a wonderful week and hope to see you all soon.

Weekly Challenge w/c 25th May

A beautiful sunny good morning on this beautiful sunny Monday.

Todays challenge has not been set by me (hooray I hear you cheer!) it has in fact been set by the British Library and was brought to my attention by Mrs Kellett. They are calling upon children to create miniature books for their toys as part of a project that they have created.

They are trying to create a “National Library of Miniature Books for the toy world” and yours could be one of them!

More information and guidance on how to create your book can be found by clicking the link below


By clicking on the image above, you can watch a video of Jaqueline Wilson reading her miniature book.

Mine will be for my bear Tim, and I’m going to call it Tim does the washing up for once because I’m bored of doing it all the time….. although he doesn’t seem keen on the idea.

Have a wonderful week you amazing people, stay safe and see you all soon.

Weekly Challenge w/c 18th May

Wow! I am totally blown away by the huge amount of amazing attempts at the weekly challenges that are being sent in. I can’t wait to post some more of them to the Facebook on Wednesday.

For this weeks challenge, you have the opportunity to get a little crafty (or even lego -ey or possibly cake-ey!!!)

This challenge comes from and idea from Mrs Austin Peregrine.

Your challenge is to create a 3D model of your favourite story – I have included images of some below.

You can make them any way you like. Junk modelling using old pockets and containers, lego, duplo, you can even make cake versions if you are really that talented!

Again, no internet access is required, but there are lots more examples online if you would like to take a look around.

Remember to send your amazing examples to

[email protected]

We know there is a lot of uncertainty about certain things at the moment, just try to stay concentrating on being safe and happy, and we will look forward to seeing you all again soon, at whatever point it is the safest for that to happen.

Weekly Challenge w/c 11th May

Good Morning and another HUGE welcome to the weekly challenge for this week.
This week’s challenge requires no internet access (although there are lots of ideas online if you would like to ‘borrow’ one or two).
This week I would like you to try something which has always been great fun when I have done it with classes in school.
The Egg Drop Challenge.

You are creating something for your egg to sit in which means it will survive a fall from height (because we all need a bit of looking after every now and then!)

There are some fairly simple rules to follow.
1) Eggs must be raw

2) Egg must be dropped from above head height (of a grown up preferably)

3) You must use your creativity to only use things you have in your house – no special purchases allowed!

The more creative the better.

I can’t wait to see what you make – remember to send your pictures and videos to

[email protected]

Take care and hope to see you soon x

Weekly Challenge W/C 4th May

Hello you wonderful people and welcome to the Weekly Challenge – again there is no internet connection required.

For this week, I have been very struck by the amount of people who are going above and beyond what is usually expected of them in day to day life.

Some people call them Key Workers, I’ve just taken to calling them superheroes…. but remember…….

For this week, I would like you to create your very own superhero.

They could have powers, but ultimately, they should be focused on helping people in any way that they can.

Could they have healing powers? Could they create forcefields with their mind? Could they travel through time taking messages for people?

You could write a story about your hero, draw them, dress up as them, write a theme tune for them, animate their latest adventure…. whatever you like!

They should be an original hero, and one who would be useful to have around at a time such as this one we currently find ourselves in.

they could be called anything you like, have any powers you like, but they must be focused on helping as many people as possible.

Please send any artwork, stories or pictures of you as your hero to

[email protected]

Can’t wait to see them, take care of each other.

Weekly Challenge W/C 27th April

For this week, no internet connection is required, just lots of lovely thoughts and just a sprinkle of creativity.

‘These things make me think of you.’

Choose something in your surroundings that reminds you of someone or something. Find a creative way to represent it, you might choose to do a quick sketch, a painting, collage or take a photograph. You could write a short poem or piece of writing, the choice is yours – get creative! Can you find a way to share your creation with the person you were thinking about?

So for example, this bear (his name is Tim!) reminds me of my Mum as she got him for me when I was very small.

This book reminds me of when I was in school (when everything was made of stone and we had to make our own fires) as I used to read it every day! Prizes for anyone who knows what it is!

Can you think of objects that would represent different people or places?

Perhaps you have something that makes you think of a family member? A school friend? A favourite place to visit?

Why not write a story, take a picture, draw something, make a model to show it…. the more creative the better!

If you have more time …
Can you repeat this exercise for each day of the week? Can you try a new way to capture your ‘things’ each time?

How did you find the process of choosing your things? What did it make you reflect on, and what impact do you think it has had on your day?


Remember to send your ideas to [email protected] or add them to schools Twitter or Facebook.

Weekly Mindfulness Challenge

Week Three – Earth Day

Weekly Wellbeing Activity – Mindfulness

We are all reliant upon the sun for energy, the earth for food, trees for air, and water for drinking. But when we go about our busy lives, it is easy to take the water, air and plants around us for granted. The practice of mindfulness takes us off autopilot, allows us to pause, experience the present moment and give gratitude for all the elements of the natural world that support our daily lives.

Stepping out to practice mindfulness allows us to connect, appreciate and develop a relationship with the natural world. We can do this as we celebrate Earth Day this week and as we spend time out in the fresh air, perhaps during our daily exercise time. We can also bring the elements of the earth inside and practice this Mindfulness Activity in the home.

Benefits of Mindfulness
Paying attention to the present moment, to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you can improve your mental wellbeing. Some people call this awareness ‘Mindfulness’. Mindfulness can help you enjoy your life more and understand ourselves better. You can take steps to develop Mindfulness in your own life.
Mindfulness can help with better sleep, feeling calmer and more relaxed, feeling happier, eating well and can help us to enjoy our friendships and relationships. There are lots of different ways to practice the art of Mindfulness, such as the activity below, walking, yoga, doodling, colouring or painting to name just a few.


Mindfulness Activity – 5 Senses

This activity can be completed as one or split into the individual parts and completed over a few days, which every way is right for you. You can do this on your own, together with others in your house or both. Have fun and send in any pictures you have taken whilst doing this activity.

1) Sound
We start by closing our eyes and taking a few deep breaths. As we are doing this, we begin to bring our attention to the sounds around us. Notice the sounds of the birds or any other natural sounds around you. If you are in the home bring your attention to the sounds in the room you are in, you may notice the ticking of the clock or you might be able to hear outside sounds too. Like cars passing by.

You might notice you start to dip back into your thoughts; if you notice this gently bring your focus back to the sounds you can hear.

When the timing feels right for you, open your eyes, wiggle your toes and shake your hands.

Notice how you are feeling right now. What is that feeling?

When you are ready move on to the next part.

2) Sight
What do you see?
Spend some time noticing what it is you see all around you; Notice what it is you are drawn to looking at, whether inside or outside. What is it about this you like? Look a little closer, notice the colour, is it light or dark? what is the shape? what size is this object and how does it look from near or far?
Remember to check in with how you are feeling and when you are ready move onto the next part.
3) Touch
You can keep with the same object or something different; what does your object feel like, is it rough or smooth, hot or cold, do you like the way it feels. Are you touching with your hands or feet? Notice all the different sensations as you explore, remember if you notice you start to dip back into other thoughts gently bring your focus back to your mindful activity.

4) Smell
Continuing with your chosen object or something new. What do you smell, do you recognise it? Do you like or dislike the smell? Is it strong or gentle, does it have a scent at all?

Experiment with the scents and smells in which ever area you have chosen either inside or outside, some you may find you are familiar with some less familiar. At this time of year, we are seeing the buds on the trees, plants emerging and the flower buds opening out. Notice if you can smell the scents from the flowers, the daffodils or tulips perhaps.

5) Taste
Choose something you like to eat, think about the natural foods which are produced by the earth, fruit and vegetables are a good choice. You may even want to try something new?
As you place the food into your mouth and slowly begin to chew the food. What do you taste, what is the flavour? Is it sweet or sour, spicy or mild, hot or cold? Does the flavour change in anyway? Do you get different flavours as you move the food around your mouth?
Do you like the flavour, and would you eat this food again?
How do you feel as you eat this food?

Weekly Challenge W/C 20th April

Good Morning to every wonderful person currently reading this, we hope that you are all taking care of each other (and still smiling!)
This week’s challenge celebrates the fact that this Wednesday is the 50th official ‘Earth Day’
Earth Day is when people are expected to put some real thought and action into big world issues, specifically climate change and future sustainability.
More information can be found at https://www.earthday.org
There lots of activities and things to try on the Earth day website.
There’s also lots of cool things to try at home, mostly aimed at making your garden a more wildlife friendly place, which is more specifically what this weeks Challenge is about.

This week, why not try and make a bird feeder for your garden

Decorate a tree in your garden or local area

Make a house for a hedgehog
Or look at way to reduce plastic pollution in your house
More great activities can be found at https://www.wildlifewatch.org.uk/activity-sheets
I for one think I’ll be making some binoculars and a mini beast trap this week – I can’t wait!
So for this Wednesday, if you don’t want to go onto the earth day website and join a virtual event, why not concentrate on making your own part of the world just a little more eco friendly.
Don’t forget to send anything you make or do to
Or straight onto school’s Twitter and Facebook.
Take care of each other and remember where we are if you need anything at all

Weekly Challenge W/C 13th April

Good Morning, we hope you all are continuing to be as wonderful as ever, here is this week’s challenge.
For this week, you can either choose one or two challenges, or have a go at one a day (as some people did last week – you can see some of their work on Twitter and Facebook)
This week is all about – communication. At a time when it’s increasingly difficult to spend time with those around you, communicating has never been more important and it really is the little things that matter.
Day One
Send a letter. To anybody you would like – there are tutorials for how to make your own envelopes online too if you don’t have any, but getting a letter through the door is something incredibly exciting. If you don’t have a stamp, maybe post your letter through the school letterbox to let us know what you’ve been up to, or through a friends door that you are missing.
Day Two
Makaton – this is something we have looked at before as a school – could you learn to sign along to a song or part of your favourite book? If so, send it across to [email protected] We would love to see it.
Day Three
Pebble Art – This is a lovely way to brighten someone’s day. On your next walk, leave a brightly coloured and/or inspirational pebble for someone to find. This could be in the park, on the pavement or even just at the end of your front garden. Venue is not important, click on the link for some ideas.
Day Four
Stone Cairns – have a go at building one. They’ve been used throughout history to signify special and important places. Make one in your garden, or just outside the front of your house – show us all how special it is.
Day Five
Bird Song – Ever wondered who’s it is that wakes you up every morning? Watch the short video to find out – maybe even learn to communicate back with them. It’s amazing how many you can hear when you spend a quiet 5 minutes outside.
As always, we love seeing your work, on Twitter Facebook or sent to [email protected].
Stay safe and keep communicating as much as you can.

Weekly Challenge W/C 6th April

Good Morning to all of you wonderful humans.
Hope that you enjoyed navigating your way around Google Earth last week, don’t forget to send us some of your completed work as we would love to put it up where everybody can see it!
For this week you will need access to some kind of device that is capable of taking a picture.
I know it will be a shock to discover that phones can do more than take selfies for some of us, but this week we will be running a Photo of the Day challenge!
It has 7 different categories for you to complete, they must be done in order, and only one per day. The list is as follows:

Day 1) Your view

Day 2)Something in bloom

Day 3)Your favourite colour

Day 4)Words

Day 5)Your prized possession

Day 6)A cloud in the shape of something

Day 7)Happiness

So on Day 1 (today!) I would hope to see lots of pictures of your current view. I shall be putting mine up on twitter later today.

Your view doesn’t have to be what you can see from your window (although it could be that) mine could very well be a cup of coffee or a laptop screen. Be creative! I shall keep a list of prizes for the best daily images shared on social media, or sent via email to:

[email protected]

Can’t wait to see some of your fantastic ideas.

Keep well, keep safe and hope to see you all soon.