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We are really sad that we cannot all be in nursery learning, playing and having fun together. We have put some ideas of activities below, for you to do at home with your child.

We would like you to complete as many of these activities as you can and send us photos or evidence to [email protected]

Friday 23rd Challenge- Can you make pictures using shapes? See the examples below for ideas…..

Friday- snuggle up and share a lovely story together. Head over to and select a few stories to listen to/read together.

Thursday 22nd Challenge 1

Make patterns- what patterns can you make around your house? Can you use socks and make patterns with the socks e.g. red, blue, red, blue, red, blue. Can you use things in your bathroom- toothbrush, bottle, toothbrush bottle. Could you use a plate and a cup to make a pattern cup, cup, plate, cup, cup, plate?

Send us photographs of the patterns you create to [email protected]


Challenge 2- Can you build a space rocket? Can you use resources from your recycling bin or objects around your house to build a rocket? You could watch video clips of rockets blasting off to space on youtube or listen to the story ‘If I were an astronaut’ or ‘How to catch a star.’

Send us photos of your rocket.

I cannot believe how many amazing home learning photos I receive every day! Thank you xxx

Wednesday challenge– can you make a bird feeder?

Wednesday 21st October: 

The children need to learn to recognise their name written down. Can you make some name cards for people in your house/family. Cut up a piece of paper into pieces and write the names of the people in your house or family. Play games with the cards- e.g. hide them around the house- which names can they find. Set the table for tea putting everyone’s name card on their place mats. When breakfast is made ask your child to find their name card from the pile to put next to their cereal. The more practise the children can get recognising (or reading) their own name  and names of people in their family, the more it will help them in nursery. Send some photos of your child playing with the name cards to [email protected]


Today can you go for a scavenger hunt around your home and/or garden?

Can you find 3 red objects, 4 blue objects, 5 green objects and 6 yellow objects.

Can you find 4 circle shapes, 5 square shapes, 6 triangle shapes and 7 rectangle shapes e.g. circle clock, square window?

Can you find 5 silent objects and 5 objects which make a noise?

Can you take photos of your objects and send them to [email protected] or can you draw pictures of the objects that you find?


Look at Emma’s amazing hand puppet. She has made a spider and put fingers holes in, so that she can use the puppet to re-enact Incy Wincy Spider nursery rhyme.

Can you make a puppet at home and use it to retell a nursery rhyme? Maybe you have an old sock, that you could turn into a sock puppet.

Don’t forget to send us photos of your puppets.


Which of these activities can you do in your house or in your garden? Which is your favourite activity? Remember take lots of photos to send to Jenny.

*1 stretch                      *2 toe touches               *3 hops like a bunny

*4 rolls like a pig           *5 stomps like a cow        *6 arm circles

*7 push ups                   *8 frog jumps                    *9 star jumps

*10 steps from side to side.

*Can you walk like a crab? Jump like a sea horse? Waddle like a penguin?

*Make your own exercises or physical activities that your key person could copy

Send you photos in to [email protected]

MONDAY- CHALLENGE 2- Junk modelling challenge!
Miss Lane and her children have been busy making owls, one on their favourite animals! They have used toilet roll tubes, recycled carboard and other b its. Can you make a junk model of your favourite animal this week? Don’t forget to email us your fantastic pictures!

More amazing home learning photos……………

NURSERY FRIDAY CHALLENGE 1 16.10.20- Let’s get drawing!! 

Can you draw some pictures today and send them to [email protected]

Can you draw your mummy or daddy? Can you draw your pet? Can you follow the step by step instructions to draw a cat or a dog, like Jenny has? What else can you draw?

Don’t forget to tell someone in your family all about your picture.

If you don’t have drawing resources at home, please pop into the school office and pick up a free craft pack.

Happy drawing day!


NURSERY FRIDAY CHALLENGE 2- 16.10.20- Make believe!! 

Can you role play with your todays today?

Have you got a dinosaur, or a teddy, or a doll or an action figure who could get stuck up high, e.g. on a cupboard. Have you got another toy who could rescue the stranded toy?

Could you use 2 or 3 teddies or toys to have a picnic or play mums and dads and babies with?

Parents and carers- please write down what your child says whilst playing and email it to [email protected], along with some photos, for your child’s learning journey.

Alternatively, you could use your toys to act out nursery rhymes, like Dee has with a turtle in the bath.

Home learning photos 16.10.20

A brilliant game to play at home with your family…..

Here are the photos of amazing home learning from today….


Can you make some food with your family?

Could you make breakfast together? Could you make sandwiches together for lunch? Could you help preparing the tea? Could you make some biscuits or cakes? Could you have a go at making your own pizzas? Make sure you send lots of photographs to [email protected] of the food which you make.


2x large bread rolls

4 x 15ml spoons of a tomato sauce*

Toppings of your choice e.g. 1 x orange/green/red pepper, halved and deseeded /2 x spring onions or ¼ of an onion/ 2 x 15ml spoons sweetcorn (canned)/ ham/ pepperoni/ sliced

mushrooms/ chopped cherry tomatoes/ sliced courgettes or canned tuna.

½ tsp dried oregano (optional)

60g Cheddar cheese, grated



Bread knife – for adult use only, chopping board, 15ml spoon, table knife, kitchen scissors, grater, baking tray, oven gloves, 4 x serving plates.



  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200C/gas mark 6.
  2. Cut the two bread rolls in half and rest them on the chopping board.  These will be the pizza bases.
  3. Add a 15ml spoon of sauce to each pizza base. Spread it evenly over the base with the table knife.
  4. Add your toppings.
  5. Sprinkle on top of each pizza a pinch of dried oregano (optional)
  6. Sprinkle the cheese over the four pizzas.
  7. Place the pizzas on the baking tray. Adult – Use oven gloves to place the baking tray in the oven.
  8. Cook for a 7-10 minutes until the cheese bubbles and browns.
  9. Adult– Remove from the oven using the oven gloves and serve.



Emma loved making an Elmer elephant. Can you find an Elmer story to watch online or an Elmer book to read? Can you make an Elmer elephant?

Don’t forget to send photographs of your Elmer to [email protected]

It ABSOLUTLEY brightens up my day to receive emails with photographs of the children learning happily at home. Thank you so much to the parents who have sent their photographs in.

Here are some of the amazing pictures. Please keep sending them in.

Dee has been busy doing the challenges at home too. Look at her lovely art pieces- well done Dee.

Katie has also been super busy at home today. Look at all her ideas which you could do at home as well. Thank you for your photos Katie.

The game of hide and seek looking for number 1s around your home looks super fun, Katie!


Today’s first challenge is to make your own playdough. Below are step by step photograph instructions. (Bit thank you to Laura for making these at home).

If you don’t have cream of tartar, please don’t worry, just skip that step.    ENJOY!!


Today why not have a play on topmarks maths games. Search,uk  Browse in age group: Early Years. Try the following games: (You can play them with your child)

*Shape patterns      *Teddy numbers      *Underwater counting       *Ladybird spots

*Shape monsters    *Gingerbread man game.

Remember to send us photos of your child playing these games on your mobile phone, on a tablet or any electronic device that you have in your house.

Also look for numbers around your house. Are there numbers on the clock, on the cooker, on the microwave, on boxes or packages, on letters- take photos of numbers you find. Do you know the names of the numbers?  Are there any numbers that are the same?  Is there a number on your front door or your bin? What number is it?

Also you can watch numberblocks videos. Type numberblocks into google and click on videos- lots of numberblocks videos come up.

Or watch numberjacks video clips or search for counting songs and rhymes on youtube and watch videos of 5 little ducks, 5 monkeys jumping on the bed etc.


Now try copying these pre writing shapes. Well done to the children who completed set 1- it is fantastic to see your mark making. One girl was making these marks in flour!! Super idea!! x


Who can find a nursery rhyme to learn off by heart? You could look on youtube or ask one of your friends or family to teach you a new nursery rhyme?

Can you learn the words (and maybe also the actions) of the nursery rhyme and ask your parent/carer to record you singing (and doing the actions for) the nursery rhyme and email it to your key person.


Can you copy these pre-writing shapes. See below for instructions on how to form them. Let’s see who can do them in the most exciting way!

I wonder who can do them in different colours?  Who could use crayons, paint, chalks, markers, pencils, pens, highlighters or even old paintbrushes and water to practise drawing these shapes.

There are some shapes to copy today and more to come tomorrow. These shapes will help when we return to nursery to start copying the letters from your name.

Please send in photos of your work to [email protected]


Reading EVERY day is the best thing that you can do to help your child.

Listening to an adult tell you a story, looking at a book together- talking about what you see on the pages, listening to an online story together- will all REALLY help your child’s development.

Whilst nursery is closed we want you to share a book with your child EVERY day. Opposite are some links to good websites with appropriate aged stories.



* select age 3-4 or 4-5 stories.

*Youtube- type in story titles e.g.

-The Gruffalo

-The Very Hungry Caterpillar

-Julia Donaldson stories

-Traditional tales e.g. Little Red Riding Hood or 3 little pigs


Teeth brushing! Brushing your teeth every day is very important!

Please tell your child that Jenny (or your child’s key person) wants to see that they are brushing their teeth every morning and every night.

Please take some photos of your child cleaning their teeth and email them to [email protected]

lf you could also make a little chart (perhaps similar to the one shown here) and ask your child to draw a tick or a smiley face or colour in the square each time that they have cleaned their teeth.

We would love to see their completed teeth cleaning charts. Please take a photograph and send it to us : [email protected]


Be creative and do some junk modelling with your recycling.

Can you and your child make a car or a robot or a rocket using the empty bottles and boxes in your recycling bins?

Send us photos of your creations.


Find objects around your house or garden and make a collage or art picture. Can you find some leaves and make a picture with leaves?

Send us photos of your art work.

For further physical development activities or exercises to do at home look on this website:  There are some fantastic yoga videos on here.


Talk to your child about nursery. What do they like doing at nursery? What is their favourite thing to play with? Do they like having snack or dinner?

Can they tell you what happens at snack time or dinner time? What are the names of their new friends (adults or children)?

Please write down what your child says in English or in their first language and email me their replies to [email protected]

We would love to know their answers to these questions and will print out your answers and put them into your child’s learning journey.

More ideas for learning at home…



All 3 and 4 year olds in England (and at our school, children turning 3 in that term) are entitled to 15 hours of free early education or childcare a week.

Options for your 15 hours of nursery child care:

Option 1: 5 mornings a week 8.45-11.45 am

Option 2: 5 afternoons a week 12.30-3.30 pm

Option 3: Mix and match mornings and afternoons, for example 3 mornings, 2 afternoons

Option 4: Extending a morning or afternoon session with lunchtime childcare (11.45am – 12.30pm). If your child attends nursery in a morning they can stay for lunch and then go home at 12.30pm. The cost for this would be £2.00 and your child could bring a packed lunch from home or pay a further £2.30 to buy a school dinner. This option is also available for children to arrive at 11.45am and have dinner at nursery before the afternoon session.

Option 5: 2½ Full days. Use 1 or 2 full days and the rest of the 15 hours as half days e.g. All day Monday, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, Thursday afternoon; or all day Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday morning. The full day sessions will be from 8.45am-3.30pm (6 hours, 45 minutes,so the maximum would be 2 full days and then a half day). Full day sessions include lunch provision.

Option 6: Extending any nurserysessions with breakfast childcare. If your child wanted to attend earlier than 8.45am, they would have to pay to attend the breakfast club any time between 7.45-8.45am. (Costs £3 7.45-8.15 or £2 8.15-8.45) Or extending the full day care with after school club, available until 5.30 pm. (Costs £4 3.30-4.30 or £8 3.30-5.30)

From September 2017 parents are also able to check their eligibity for a 30 hour place. To check eligibility parents can visit: If the parents are eligible for a 30 hour place for their child, they will be given an 11-digit code which they need to bring to nursery.

The 30 hour childcare at our setting is completely FREE. The children can attend for 4 full days and one half day and bring a packed lunch to nursery each day for NO CHARGE. Alternatively parents can pay for a school meal £2.30 per day and they can pay to top up to 5 full days for £10 for the extra session, plus £2 for lunchtime cover if needed.

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