Netball – Miss Moore

Netball club is back up and running for year 2018/19 every Wednesday evening 3.30 – 4.15. We have plenty of time to get practice in before our games and tournaments begin in the new year!

Finally we have kicked our Netball season off. On Thursday afternoon the eager team attended a competition at Our Ladys Catholic College. There were 6 teams all together from around Lancaster and we had a chance to play each team. We started off extremely well winning our first two games and had high hopes of coming home with a medal. In the games following we were not as successful however the team still played fantastic netball and each game was extremely close. We went on to lose two games and draw one. The whole competition was that close that the top 4 teams had to be decided on goal difference which left us in 4th place out of 6. Despite not making the podium or getting any medals the team played great netball and I have high hopes for them at the next tournament.

We will be doing plenty of shooting practise!

Since our last tournament the children have been working hard on their team work, passing and shooting. They were eager and excited to take part in the next tournament. It was a lovely blue sky, sunny afternoon and the children couldn’t wait to get on the court. Immediately it was evident that their hard work had paid off as they won their first game comfortably. They then went on to win a further two games, draw a game and lose a game. This saw them go through to the trophy competition for the top 4 places. The children continued to work hard and completed 3 very close games where the scores in each game had only 1 goal difference.  By the end of the afternoon the team came away with fourth place out of 12 teams which was a fantastic achievement! Well done team!