A brilliant festival of sports was held at Salt Ayre at the end of the half term. We chose a dodgeball team based on earlier showings in various golden time activities . . . . . . . .and it paid off!!
After winning our opening 3 games quite comfortably, we played against arguably the second strongest team at the event and drew after a hard fought game.
Realising we had progressed to the quarter finals seemed to spur our team on to produce some quality dodgeball. They brushed aside a good opponent before coming up against the toughest team at the event, Trumacar. We eventually lost that game but then had to compete in a 3rd place game to decide the bronze medal position. This game proved to be a real humdinger as both sides wanted a shiny medal for their efforts. Needing to win by 3 clear points in the deciding game, the Ryelands squad dug deep to wipe out the eight players on the opposing side and clinch the bronze medal.
Well done to the whole squad. Mr Hyde