Lets get active
Use the numbers 1 2 3 4 and 5 to come up with an exercise routine.
For example…
1 lap of the garden
2 times up and down the stairs
3 star jumps
4 sideways rolls
5 frog jumps
Take a short video for us to see your daily exercise routine, we can’t wait to see that you are all staying active!
Just Dance
On YouTube there are many recorded videos of the game ‘Just Dance’. If you type in, ‘Just Dance Kids/ Kids Zumba’ there are many child friendly dance videos where your child can learn and copy the dance moves. Alternatively, follow the links below. Always double check videos are safe for children if you are leaving them unattended. Upload pictures/short videos of your children enjoying dance!

Obstacle course

Create an obstacle course inside your house, or in the garden. Use things that you have available at home to create hours of fun. See attachment for ideas. Create opportunities to go under, over, through, around, as well as developing new skills- e.g. ball skills- throwing, catching, pushing, dribbling etc. Please upload photos/videos of your very own obstacle course.

Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube is great. The videos are all child friendly and tell different stories through movement and yoga poses. Most of the videos range from about 10 to 30 minutes so you can choose whatever fits in with your timetable. Take a short video or a picture of your child doing yoga and upload here!
cosmic kids yoga – YouTube
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