This week’s reading challenge

All about my favourite book…

Get your child to choose their favourite story (a physical book or online story). Read the story to your child and ask them simple who, what, when, where and why questions

  • Wednesday- Ask your child to recall the main parts of the story, telling you what happens in the beginning, middle and end
  • Thursday- Ask your child to draw a picture of their favourite character and tell you why they are their favourite
  • Friday- Develop your own story based on their favourite character. E.g. If their favourite character is the Gruffalo, pretend the Gruffalo is going on a new adventure. Make a story map with small pictures and arrows- Where does the story start? Where might he go next? What could happen when he’s there? Does something go wrong? Is there a problem? How does he solve the problem? Is there a happy ending? Get your child to act out or narrate their new story using the story map to help them.

Choose one of these activities each day. We would love to see short videos of your child sharing their favourite story or photos of their lovely drawings. Please upload onto the Evidence Me app.



I haven’t yet seen anybody completing the reading challenge at home yet. Please have a go and upload your pictures/videos to Evidence Me. If you have completed this challenge already, please upload a picture and a comment and we will set you some extra special reading tasks for this week.


Skills for story time

Take the time to fit in story time throughout the day, and at bedtime. Listening to stories is just as important as children reading themselves. Take the time to model and practise lots of important reading skills.

-Practise holding books the right way up and looking after them properly.

-Practise turning the pages carefully, one at a time.

-Model reading left to right by running your finger under the words as you read them.

-Talk about words, model pointing to a word as you read.

-Talk about the pictures, make predictions, and ask your child simple who, what, when, where, why questions about the story.

-Get your child involved by joining in with rhymes and repeated phrases.

-Ask your child to make sound effects for the animals/actions in the story.

-Play ‘I spy with my little eye’ to get your child to identify words with that initial sound… e.g. I spy with my little eye something beginning with d…. dog.

-Can they begin to orally segment and blend the sounds in words- d-o-g dog?

Please refer to the phonics support sheet and wordless book handout that I provided in your child’s black reading games file for further guidance.

-Practise retelling favourite stories/making up own stories using the pictures.

-Get your child to tell you, their pet, or their teddies a story using a book for picture prompts, or just from their imagination.

Please take a photo of your special reading time or record a video of your child telling a story of their own. We would love to see you all enjoying story time everyday.

Online story links



* select age 4-5 stories.

*YouTube- type in story titles e.g.

-The Gruffalo

-The Very Hungry Caterpillar

-Julia Donaldson stories

-Traditional tales e.g. Little Red Riding Hood or 3 little pigs

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