In the spring term 2023, we have been learning about our new topic- Community and People who help us.

We have been for a walk to the post box to post our Valentine’s cards. The post man picked our letters up from the post box and brought them to our house.

We have been learning about doctors and nurses, police officers and firefighters. We were very lucky to have a visit from David (Levi’s dad) who is a nurse and he told us all about his job and showed us how to use his stethoscope and oximeter.

Marian, the lollipop lady came into nursery to tell us all about her role in our local area. She told us that she has to wear the bright yellow coat with glow in the dark stripes on so the cars can see her. She also told us that she stands in the road with her lollipop sign out to tell the cars to stop to let people cross the road. We looked at the word STOP on the sign and the picture of the adult and child holding hands and we talked about how important it is to hold a grown-ups hand when near the road or when crossing the road. We had a little practise crossing the road when the lollipop lady pretended to stop the cars. If you see Marian when you are crossing the road, be sure to give her a wave and say hello to her.