Write your name every day!


The children have been making great progress with name writing. We practise writing our names everyday after lunch so it would be great if you could keep this up at home. I have attached a photo with a few ideas to try. Help your child by teaching them how to hold their pencil, with a low tripod grip- see video, and encourage them to push on the paper if the result is very faint. Scroll down to find out all about ‘dough disco’ – a fun way to develop your child’s finger strength in preparation for writing,




Dough Disco

Type into YouTube ‘Dough Disco’ or follow the link, and there are many videos which teach children to squeeze and manipulate play-dough in a variety of ways. Play-dough is a great resource to help build the strength in your child’s fingers, developing fine motor skills in preparation for writing. Make some play-dough together and play a couple of dough disco songs each day. After dough disco, use the play-dough to construct/create something. Take a picture and add a short description of what your child has made with their play-dough. Use any play-dough recipe and keep in a sealed container. I have provided a basic recipe, don’t worry if you don’t have cream of tartar or lots of salt, just flour, oil and warm water will make a good dough.
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