Today’s task…

Today’s task is to revise all of the 4 shapes that we have learnt this week- circle, square, triangle, oblong/rectangle.
  • Draw a picture of each shape on separate pieces of paper. Go and hide them all around the house for a shape hide and seek! Ask your child to go shape hunting to find all the 2D shape pictures.
  • When they have found all of the pictures, can they identify the shapes? Say how many sides they have? Say how many corners they have? Can they describe the the sides as straight/curved?
  • If you want to, sing the songs again from previous days/revise the learning.
  • Under the creative section this week is a shape picture. Can your child use the different shapes to create a shape picture?
  • Alternatively, look at shape patterns and play the game on Topmarks website,
Today’s task is to learn all about oblongs (rectangles)
  • Watch the rectangle song
  • Use oblongs/rectangles/and the other shapes they now know to create a picture- Cut out rectangles from your cardboard recycling, show them they can be short or tall but they are still the same shape.
  • Alternatively, go on a shape hunt, can they find lots of oblongs/rectangles around the house?
  • Can your child practise drawing their own rectangle- 4 straight sides, two that are longer, two that are shorter and 4 pointy corners?
Today’s task is to learn all about triangles
  • Watch the triangle song
  • Make patterns using triangles/a shape picture- Cut out triangles from your cardboard recycling and ask your child to colour them with two different colours, three if your child needs a challenge. Then stick the triangles on a piece of paper- alternating the colours each time. e.g. red triangle, blue triangle, red triangle, blue triangle…
  • Alternatively, play this pattern game on top marks- can they identify the triangles?
  • Can your child practise drawing their own triangle- 3 straight sides, 3 pointy corners?
Today’s task is to learn all about circles
  • Watch the circle song
  • Find as many circles in your house as you can- take pictures of your grown up’s phone! See my pictures below.
  • Count how many circles you found!
  • Talk about circles- they have got just 1 curved side, no pointy corners.
  • Practise drawing large circles on the ground- you could use chalk, paintbrushes and water, or make your own chalk paint. If you don’t have these things available, you could just practice large circular movements by swinging their arms around/ drawing in the air with a magic finger.
Today’s task is to learn all about squares
  • Watch the Square song 
  • Find as many squares in your house as you can- take pictures of your grown up’s phone! See my pictures below.
  • Talk about the squares you find- have they got 4 straight sides?, 4 pointy corners?, and are all the sides the same (equal) lengths?
  • Talk about the squares you find, if you can move them, can you put them into size order? Use varying language for big and small- such as large, little, huge, tiny.

Last Week…

Last week we learnt all about the numbers 1-5.

  • We practised finding 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 objects.
  • We practised drawing 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 things e.g. 1 car, 2 dogs, 3 toys, 4 spots, 5 flowers
  • We practised writing the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4
      • 1- Straight down
      • 2- Around the ducks head, down his back, sit him in the water, quack quack 2
      • 3- Bump, bump 3
      • 4- Straight down, straight across and a line through
      • 5-Down his back, around his big fat belly, go back and put his hat on.
  • We watched the first 7 number blocks episodes- all about the numbers to 5.

Try to extend this learning this week by…

  • Practising lots of counting, up to your child’s own ability.
  • Using the names- one, two, three, four and five through play.
  • Matching 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 objects to their corresponding numeral. See below…


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