Cooking Challenge

Get cooking with your grown ups! Lots of children have sent in pictures of their cooking and baking. What can you make?

Practise preparing some simple food

  • Practise cutting up fruit and make a picture/an arrangement on the plate
  • Make a sandwich together- think about all the small steps that it takes….
  • Make a healthy soup for lunch, chopping up vegetables, add stock, wiz it up! Easy peasy…
  • Practise making a mini pizza using a small wrap/thins/piece of bread rolled out, bake in the oven for a tasty treat…

Try following a simple recipe for cupcakes/cookies as a treat.

Please send us lots of your baking pictures…

Shape pictures

This week in Maths, we are learning all about shapes. Can you use pre-cut circles, squares, rectangles and triangles to create a picture? Check out some of the ideas below!




Science experiments

Check out Joanne’s skittles and water experiment, and Miss Harris’ magic milk experiment. All of the instructions and pictures for these are at the bottom of our home learning page.

Autumn Art

Be creative and make a piece of art. See my pictures attached for a few different ideas, or decide to do a little autumn project together. Be guided by your child’s interests, and the resources you have available. Some of the images only require leaves and twigs from the garden or items from your recycling box so there is no need to go out and buy things. Enjoy it and have fun together! Upload pictures of your finished product, or a video of your child showing off their work. We would love to see them all.

Kids; creative opportunists! -










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