Cooking Challenge

Get cooking with your grown ups! Lots of children have sent in pictures of their cooking and baking. What can you make?

Practise preparing some simple food

  • Practise cutting up fruit and make a picture/an arrangement on the plate

  • Make a sandwich together- think about all the small steps that it takes….

  • Make a healthy soup for lunch, chopping up vegetables, add stock, wiz it up! Easy peasy…

  • Practise making a mini pizza using a small wrap/thins/piece of bread rolled out, bake in the oven for a tasty treat…

Try following a simple recipe for cupcakes/cookies as a treat.

Please upload lots of your baking/cooking pictures to Evidence Me!…



Repeated Patterns

Get creative with repeating patterns. Start with one colour or shape that changes and gradually increase the difficulty. You could use paint, crayons, cut out shapes, objects, or nature! We can’t wait to see all of your work, please upload your patterns to Evidence Me.










Winter Art

Practise your cutting skills by making snowflakes or icicles. Make some winter art with polar bears or penguins, use a plastic bottle to stamp snow balls, or create a winter landscape picture. There are hundreds of ideas online, try typing into the search bar on Pinterest for winter arts and crafts for children. We can’t wait to see what you do, please upload pictures onto the Evidence Me app!