In nursery we have noticed some changes. The weather has started to turn colder, we have to wear our coats outside to play. Also, some mornings we have to wear hats and gloves on the way to nursery. We have noticed it is starting to go darker earlier. We have also noticed the leaves on the trees are changing colour and the leaves are falling off the trees on to the ground. Do you know why these changes are happening? ….


We have been for walks around the school ground to look at the trees changing and to collect leaves and conkers that have fallen off the trees. Children have also been bringing Autumn objects into nursery. Jenny’s favourites are the helicopter seeds that spin as they fall to the ground.

We also collected apples that had fallen from the apple trees in the orchard and we have collected them to make apple juice in an apple press.

Here are some photos of our trips to the orchard.