This half term, 3B have been learning about how the internet works and ways in which we communicate online. The children have eagerly written short texts about their learning in Year 3 so far and they were very excited to share these. As a class, we decided about suitable topics for the writing and the children then drafted these in small groups before typing. The topics vary, as you will see, and we hope you enjoy finding out a little bit more about 3B, The Romans and Art.


Declan, Aiden, Olivia

Art is messy.

Art is creative.

I like to paint.


Kyle,  Thomas ,  Kooper and Onur

Playtime and Lunch time.

We have a choice  of  playground games   and   football  and  construction.

I like football. I like Miss Finch’s club indoors.

At lunchtime,  if it is hot we have ice lollies.

On Thursday  we have fish fingers.


Layla, Jessica, Logan, Zachary

Happy Volcano,

Mad volcano,

Smooth volcano,

Flaming volcano.

Roman dance

We marched in a line with music.

We were Roman soldiers.

We flew our arms like eagles.


Lilly-Anne, Maisy, Carson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Volcanoes

Happy volcanoes explode more. Romans believed someone called Vulcan lived inside a volcano called Mount Vesuvius. When volcanoes explode magma comes out. It goes on land and turns into lava. It burns. Because  volcanoes  are  hot  they  fall  down.


Lola, Star, Joe and Scarlet.

3B learning

Instructions for a Roman shield:

First we collected some card board.

Secondly we drew the picture and pattern.

Next we went over with black pen.

Next we painted the outside drawing.



Charlie, Thomas R, Ryan, Jack.


In Ryelands, Art is creative and exciting. In 3B we have made Roman mosaics and shields. We made a volcano.

I like to draw and paint. I want to do more with clay.

I like drawing outside on the floor with chalk. I would like to paint more.