Next, have a go at playing one of the games on phonics play. See if you can segment the sounds (stretch them out), and blends them together (squeeze to read).
Play either the Buried Treasure game, Dragon’s Den, or Picnic on Pluto. These are all free games so you don’t need a subscription.
Select Phase 2, Set 1, Plus ‘n’  – This will generate real and nonsense words with the sounds –
s a t p i n.
If you would prefer a short story to print/read online, email your class teacher and they will be able to provide you with one specifically these sounds.
Today we are going to look at blending and segmenting. The children need to firstly be able to hear each sound, we need to

the word, i.e    ….d –  o –  g. This will eventually help your child to write words.

Here are some words the children can practise stretching:

To read the word the children need to  recognise the letters and then

sounds together i.e. d –  o –  g …  dog!


Can your child have a go at squeezing the letters (sounds) in these words: tap, pan, sap, at & sat?

12.10.20- 15.10.20
Last week, we learnt all about the sounds- s a t p i n. We found objects beginning with these sounds, we watched the number blocks episodes on you tube- see below, and we practised writing the letters. If your child has mastered these sounds, and can tell you a word that begins with each sound e.g. ssss sand, then they are ready to move on to the above and this weeks learning.         – s     – a         – t          – p    -i       – n
If your child is not confident with these sounds yet, there are lots of things you can do to practise. Please email your class teacher on [email protected]/[email protected] for further support with this.
You could try playing some Phase 1 free games on PhonicsPlay to help your child tune into sounds.
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