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Clitheroe Castle!

The Vikings: Who were they? Our topic this term has been the Vikings. We have learnt all about the lives of the Vikings and also about the events of 1066 which shaped history. Yesterday, the children went to Clitheroe Castle, where they learnt about Viking, Norman and Anglo Saxon armour, as well as…

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Fun in the Sun

What a gorgeous sunny day! The children have love learning in the outdoor area, drawing around their shadows, digging in the sand and making delicious mud pies. They have especially enjoyed learning in the newly refurbished water area!

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Spring Walk

We have had a very exciting day going on our Spring Walk. First we each decorated a boiled egg, then we had great fun rolling our eggs down the hill. We didn’t mind if they cracked and we even got to eat some! We enjoyed the sunshine whilst walking around the school field looking for signs of Spring…

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Life Education

On 31st March, Life Education came into Reception, along with ‘Harold the giraffe’. The children learnt about our bodies and how to keep healthy, including eating, drinking, sleeping and keeping ourselves happy.                                                                                        …

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Life Education Talk

The children enjoyed our visit from the life education bus. We learnt about our bodies- pointing to the different parts of our body and singing Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Harold the giraffe taught us about how to look after his body and keep his face and teeth clean every day. The children enj…

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Our baby chicks

The nursery children have been so lucky to experience incubating eggs in our incubator and then being able to look after the baby chicks, which hatched out of the eggs.The children were absolutely fascinated to see the baby chicks and listen to them cheeping. We have learnt how to feed the chicks an…

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Our trip to Barley Cop Woods

As part of learning about our local community we went for a walk to Barley Cop Woods. That week we learnt about the story going on a bear hunt. We acted out the story in the woods, looking for a bear. It was great fun squelching in the mud and swishing and swashing through the long grass. We had a p…

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People who help us- Police officers

We were very lucky to have a visit from a police officer and our local PCSO. They taught us all about how they look after people in our community. It was a very exciting day. The police officer even showed us how she put handcuffs on ‘bad guys’ when she arrests them and pretended to arre…

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People who help us- Firefighter vis…

The nursery children loved having a visit from a fire engine and fire fighters. We got to try on the fireman’s helmet and look at their uniforms. Some children were even lucky enough to sit inside the fire engine. The fireman showed us how we squirted water from the hose pipe to put out fires….

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