Change 4 Life – Miss Sharkey and Miss Moore

Miss Sharkey is running the club for Year 3 and 4 throughout the Spring term. This club includes lots of fun games and the all time favourite Dodgeball. There are also lots of opportunities for competitions and festivals throughout the year!


Miss Moore is now running a new club on Wednesday mornings at 8am for year 1 and 2 children! Time to get active and have fun!

An afternoon of smiling and having fun was had by the Year 1s and 2s who attended a Change 4 Life event at Our Ladys Catholic College on Thursday afternoon. As soon as they arrived the children were straight into ball games and running games and from the minute they begun they did not stop for 2 hours. It safe to say their little legs were tired out but they had a fantastic time improving their skills and making new friends too!

Change for Life Trip – University of Cumbria!

The children had an amazing time at the University of Cumbria, trying lots of different sports and activities. They were brilliant at trying new things and thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst doing it!


Change for Life Club will be starting up again next Tuesday. Miss Sharkey will be giving out new permission slips which must be returned this week please!